Tuesday, February 3, 2015


Thanks to our little bush sojourn last weekend, we woke up this Saturday with an uncharacteristic motivation to get into the sticks. Thats not to say that we don't like being amongst nature - we do! We're just very guilty of constantly putting off visiting some of the things we say we're going to do, in favour of the well-loved familiar. Our destination was Kuring-gai Chase National Park and Hawkesbury River region. I've always wanted to experience the Hawkesbury River ever since driving into Sydney from Queensland a looooong time ago (possibly ten years?) and having my breath well and truly taken away by the sight of it. We get glimpses of it on our frequent trips to Newcastle to see James' parents and always talk about going there. We're like broken records - We should do this; Let's do that; How about next weekend? We'll see how we feel (code for "maybe I can't really be effed actually) - ohmygoodness we're those people! Give us a shake would you?

We drove here and walked down the Resolute track, which takes you to the stunning and secluded Resolute Beach. We stopped to enjoy the beach and take some photos before climbing back up the stairs the way we had come, crossing the waterfall/creek and  following the track, which took us to West Head Lookout. I can't find this exact trail online, but if you go there yourself, the map at the picnic area should be able to help you. Now, isn't that some view from West Head?

After that unforgettable sight, we jumped back in the car and drove to Cottage Point. I believe there is a scenic route which we regrettably didn't take. Next time! Cottage Point is very special. It's peaceful and quaint and appeals to me as the kind of place I would like to hole up for a few months and write a book - or just read dozens instead.

A lovely taste of the beautiful Hawkesbury. We'll definitely be back!

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