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It's been a very long time since I promised you the rest of the pictures from our NYC holiday. I'm a terrible blogger, I know. But if there's anything I learnt from my journalism studies it's the importance of currency and I still think Crosby Street Hotel is definitely very hot and very worth writing about.
If someone were to ask me where they should stay in the Big Apple, my answer will always be down town. Though it's hard to escape the feeling that New York is a major tourist hub, basing yourself down town gives us that something many of us crave: the illusion that, even for a short time, we're a local. Oh yes, I know how pretentious that notion sounds but I think for many of us, a holiday isn't really what we're after. What we really desire is to feel as comfortable as we do at home, just with different surroundings. I know when I leave my house, I love that my street is filled with people I've seen before, going about their daily lives. I wouldn't wish to live at the base of the Opera House because the sight of faces I'll see once and never see again makes me kind of sad. Even though I got off to a rocky start with my neighbours because they don't like noise and my dogs produce much of it, I love that they're a constant. I know the sound of their front gate opening as my neighbour leaves to get his morning paper; the smell of their cigarettes at routine intervals during the day; the fact that, despite our clashing, I feel familiar enough with them that when my index finger was mutilated by the blade of a milkshake maker, they were the people whose names I ran out my front door screaming as the blood sprayed out of me. And I'll forever be grateful that my usually gruff neighbour didn't think anything of tourniqueting my finger in my messy home before driving me to the local hospital as if I were a friend. Now I certainly don't claim that you'll find yourself feeling quite as at home as that in the big, often lonely, city of Manhattan. But by placing yourself somewhere a little further from the main attractions, gets you pretty close.

Now, Crosby Street Hotel is way too elegant to remind me of my own home, but the homely feeling is definitely there in spades. Yes, it is world-famous for its interior design and indeed it isn't a bargain to hole up there but this place isn't the Ritz (it's cooler!). It's not all hushed tones and desperately hoping check-in will god-damn hurry up because you're in the clothes you wore on your long-haul flight and you're certain someone is about to ask you if you're lost instead of welcoming you inside. This place feels like you've been invited to your best friends eccentric aunt's country house where there's oversized muddy dogs taking up space on the sofa (there wasn't any while we were there but pets are welcome) and a moustachioed man in a safari suit and monocle who you're pretty sure thinks he just returned from safari but is actually your best friends eccentric aunt's second cousin who hasn't set foot outside of the manor, or traveled to Africa for that matter, since the 1920's... Catch my drift? 

The hotel itself lies within the cobbled streets of Soho. Though it is a new dwelling, you wouldn't think so, its red bricks and steel framed windows speaking to a past, industrial Soho. Once inside, you're in Kit Kemp's world. The English designer is famed for her elegant yet folky, kitsch and oh-so British aesthetic. No two rooms are the same and it wouldn't be right if they were: Kit Kemp is synonymous with eclecticism so to limit colours and patterns in the way most hotel chains do would be, in a word, illogical. How about we take a tour? 


Drawing Room



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