Tuesday, May 19, 2015


You read a lot about the benefits of juice cleansing. Healing digestive troubles, detoxing from caffeine and other supposed 'toxins', clearing the mind, weight loss... I'm going to admit that the first juice cleanse I did was purely for the latter. I figured if I managed to lose a couple of kilograms rapidly, it would give me a rewarding feeling that would provide an impetus to ditch crappy foods and gain the fitness model physique I had been coveting and my chronic lack of will had prevented me achieving. Well, when I completed my 3-day juice cleanse, the numbers on the scales did shift, but that became only a minor reward. When you become comfortable with the fact that for the next few days your entire consumption will be mapped out for you, you can bid goodbye to food and all the distractions that come with it. That is, you gain back the time you would have spent planning, preparing and eating food or engaging in mindless snacking.

I found that my digestion was given a much-needed rest and for the first time in ages, I had the ability to focus completely on other areas of my life. For instance, I managed to write a whole chapter of a book that had I had started, neglected, and couldn't find the motivation to work on a long time prior. This phenomenon isn't something new or unheard of: fasting itself has long been accepted as a means to allow the mind to focus on spiritual or intellectual ideas rather than earthly ones. Bottom line: you might just find the clarity and focus you've been desperately hoping for, which I did.

The first hurdle you need to overcome is committing yourself to the idea that for the next few days you won't be eating. That was depressing for me, but as the cleanse went on, I kept reminding myself of these few things:

This is a short period of time that will end
There are benefits to what you are doing (they are well-documented: keep googling for reminders when you feel like you're going to throw in the towel)
Your next juice will be in just a short couple of hours, and you are capable of getting there!

I consider the Orchard Street range of cleanses a superior option if you're thinking of juicing. It's 100% organic, using naturopath-selected ingredients and comes delivered to your door - no hard work on your part! Of their three juice cleanse options, I selected the "Pure Cleanse" which is low in fructose and good for sensitive stomachs. When I went to bed, I couldn't wait to get up in the morning and savour (this is key during cleansing) their green smoothie; and their Cashew Chai smoothie was worth waiting all day for. The juices in between, well, they're juices. Very tasty for what is essentially a vegetable drink and far better than most other places offer but, unless you teeter on the edge of orthorexia like myself, you won't be getting the same feeling you would consuming a big fat burger, let's be honest. But your insides will feel better; you won't feel heavy or regretful; in fact you'll feel very proud for getting through the day. Plus, having gone through all of that, feeling as good as you no doubt will, you'll prefer to nourish yourself with healthier foods when it comes time to choose what you'll be eating from thereon out. As for the fitness model physique that I was my initial purpose - I decided that was far too much hard work for me and that I'd much prefer to strive for balance. So now you'll find me enjoying virtuous foods whilst vegetating in front of creepy mystery docos and all the Real Housewives franchises :-)

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